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 [ 06.21.2011 ]
Go skateboarding day, typically a day of both excitement and dread (for some) in NYC, this is the first year I'm not directly involved with anything but I still couldn't help taking the day off to hop on my rollerboard and push around the city I was born and raised in. Steve Rodriguez was kind enough to drop some knowledge and school people on the history of skate jams in NYC and Go Skateboarding Day and that both are not exactly the same.

 [ 04.04.2011 ]
Luis Tolentino has been recruited at the Berrics

 [ 04.03.2011 ]
Long Island native, Sean Creamer has passed away.. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Sean.

There was a skatejam for Sean at Astoria Skate park.

Check out some of Sean's footage posted by KuatoLives on their blog.

 [ 10.30.2010 ]
Naysayer and friends keep the halloween clip tradition alive with their latest creation for 2010, "Hollow Weiner".

This is the first year I couldn't make it to the Hellraiser contest, but we were still there in spirit, thanks to our homies at Rockstar Bearings for hooking up the banner!

 [ 10.21.2010 ]
Quarter Snacks has been killing it all summer long with the updates, but I just have to take a minute out to congratulate Kevin Tierney on his checkout in Skateboarder (Dec 2010).

Billy Rohan got an interview over at the Slap Magazine website.

Halloween Hellraiser contest is coming Oct 30th..

 [ 07.26.2010 ]
Things you should be looking at:
  - New Breed, new board company by Rob Campbell
  - Green Label Art Series (vote for KCDC)
  - XGames Real Street contest (vote for Zered Basset)
  - AM NYC - Charles Lamb footage
  - Luis Tolentino gets metaphysical @ theBerrics.com
  - Brooklyn Banks week @ Quartersnacks.com
  - Interview: Park Delicatessen @ NYskateboarding.com
  - Raised Fist tribute series @ NYskateboarding.com

 [ 06.29.2010 ]
The deadline for footage for the Know the Ledge contest has been extended to July 3rd so go finish up any tricks you wanted to do while you can.

 [ 06.27.2010 ]
The weather seems like it's going to be pretty shitty today not that bad, luckily today at 2pm there will be a one hour special broadcast of of the NYC Maloof Money Cup event on FOX. For those who were not there on that long, hot, dusty, loud, and wet (it rained at the end) day you should really enjoy it from your air conditioned living room with a nice cold Gatorade and some pizza.

In other news:
  - Quarter Snacks relaunch, they're back!
  - Leo in clip for AM
  - Naysayer @ Bronx Skatepark
  - Some footage and photos from GSD NYC 2010
  - Thanks Camera 2010 trailer
  - Afro-punk festival is on today
  - KCDC Featurette premiere photos @ NYskateboarding.com

 [ 06.14.2010 ]
Like every year, June 21st is Go Skateboarding Day, except that this year the Brooklyn Banks is closed so the event will start at 2pm at LES skatepark. Check out the flyer in the forums for more details.

For those who are not into huge crowds and love tranny, check out the Dawn Patrol Jam at Pier 62 skatepark. But with an 8am start time, it might be tough for a lot of people.

If you're tired of hearing about events, check out Joseph Delgado's back to back web-coverage on the skateboard mag and transworld websites.

 [ 06.11.2010 ]
Rooftop Rampage has been postponed, it will NOT be on June 19th, and will probably be rescheduled to July, we'll keep you posted. In other news, Billy Rohan dropped me this link from his trip to china.

While I haven't gotten a chance to edit the photos from the Maloof Money Cup finals on Sunday, I was able to squeeze out this sequence of Luis (Tolentino) doing a fs 360 over the hydrant.

 [ 06.06.2010 ]
Things have been pretty crazy lately, with the opening ceremony, practice, Queens Museum exhibit, and video premeires on Friday and the actual contest on Saturday not including all of the various parties going on throughout the weekend. Today's the AM contest and PRO Finals, so until then, check out some of the photos I got from the past two days.

Opening Ceremony (DAY 1):

PRO Contest (DAY 2):

 [ 06.03.2010 ]
Tomorrow is the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony for the 2010 Maloof Money Cup NYC contest. Tomorrow night after the ribbon cutting event, at the Queens Museum, there will be an exhibit entitled "From the Banks to the Globe: The Geography of Skateboarding in New York City" that will feature a scale model of NYC, skate videos, and a skate through tour of NYC given by Rodney Torres.

 [ 06.02.2010 ]
With the Maloof Money Cup only a few short days away everything in skateboarding seemed relatively positive, but this news nearly slipped through the cracks, the NYCDOT has re-re-re-announced their plans to close the Brooklyn Banks, and this time the closing date is TODAY. If you are in the area today, help verify this, and snap a photo of the banks.

Update:The banks are still open (for now), thanks to Seth Levy and Eby @ Naysayer Skateboards for the news.

 [ 06.01.2010 ]
Especially in this economy, few things in life are free but thanks to Vans shoes, the Andy Kessler Foundation, KCDC skateshop and many supporting sponsors there is a free skate clinic this month. If you or your child want to learn how to shred the gnar and not your face, then register (the registration has been extended) NOW! (spaces are limited) Did I mention it was FREE? F R E E !

 [ 05.29.2010 ]
In recognition of his skill, dedication and accomplishments Zoo York has added Rodney Torres to the Master Division. Congrats homie, it's well deserved.

 [ 05.20.2010 ]
While everyone in New York is enjoying the new Pier 62 Skatepark, Billy Rohan called to let me know that he's been touring China, and while it could have turned into a scene from a National Lampoon's Vacation movie, he told me the guys at FunBoxx.cn have been showing him around to all the spots. Check out some more photos from his trip in the forum and on his blog.

In other news, to quench your deep down body thirst for skateboard videos, Gatorade just released a video of Sean Malto + friends on a road trip from KC to ATL. This is the first part of 2, and they promised that there will be a Chaz Ortiz video to follow.

 [ 05.16.2010 ]
With the high demand for MMCNYC tickets hitting the point where people are trying to sell theirs on craigslist for $200, the people at the Maloof Money Cup have collaborated with local skateshops to get you tickets for free. Stop by Homage Skateshop today at 1pm for tickets.

In other news, tomorrow marks the long awaited grand opening of the Pier 62 Skatepark. Grab your helmet, cruise over there tomorrow and slash the bowl corner.

 [ 05.06.2010 ]
Maloof Money Cup is around the corner, and the building process is under way, check out some of the in-progress photos and video timelapse to see how it's turning out courtesy of Rodney Torres and Maloof Money Cup. With Rob Campbell and Rodney Torres helping in the construction of the new skatepark, you know it'll be legit.

Speaking of Rodney Torres, he just launched his new website, check it out.

Also, if you're looking for something to do this weekend there is the Battle for the Bronx Contest and the Film Me video premiere on Saturday.

 [ 04.19.2010 ]
Now that the weekend is over, some more footage from the King of Spring contest has creeped out on the internet, each clip better than the last.

In other news, Billy Rohan is on Element? Peep Quarter Snacks for the scoop!

So while I was at the New York skateboard media pow wow at Flushing Meadow Park to ask SteveR and Joe Maloof a few questions about the Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 contest and the ground breaking, I got a chance to meet the owner of the Uptown Skate School. Apparently they emailed me last year (that I never got) to inform me about their uptown skate school appropriately named the "Uptown Skate School" who now features Lorena Lima from 5boro as one of their instructors. So if you're just learning how to skate and you want to shred the gnar and not your face, be sure to check them out for a few lessons.

Speaking of MMCNYC 2010, construction has begun, and "BillyBoneBreak" posted a couple of pictures of their work. There's a lot to be done but these guys are off to a good start for the June deadline.

 [ 04.18.2010 ]
The weather's nice out, so you're probably going out skating but before you do, check out some footage from the King of Spring sent to us by Kellen Dengler for Mighty Healthy.

 [ 04.17.2010 ]
Earlier this week, the weather forecast looked pretty bleak for today's scheduled triple header of events, but according to weather.com it's all good all day but accuweather.com is reporting sketchiness later this afternoon. No matter who you believe whether you're going to the King of Spring contest (open road confirmed the event is still on today), or the Gowanus Grind 2 contest you can still skate/run down to the This Time Tomorrow video premiere (today) if it starts to pour.

 [ 03.21.2010 ]
OG NYC skateboard filmer Howard Glover (aka Howie) is working on a PRE 2K DVD featuring footage from 1997 - 1999 (Some of my favorite years in NYC skateboarding). Peep the trailer, and some vintage footage. (Read More)

 [ 03.19.2010 ]
I've been on the edge of my seat since they announced that the Maloof Money Cup was coming to NYC both with excitement of what the course could be as well as a little bit of dread for what it might be. With a sigh of relief, I am happy to announce that the 2010 Maloof Money Cup NYC plaza design has been released and it's a lot more than I had hoped for. What do you think?

 [ 02.25.2010 ]
With another snow storm hitting NYC, between making pernil and shoveling snow I was able to dig up some old Mike Wright footage from 2003, you might notice a lot of toe drags but with size 13 feet you can't really blame him.

 [ 02.18.2010 ]
RB Umali uploaded a tribute video he made for Harold Hunter. Harold RIP. (Read More)

 [ 02.09.2010 ]
The Maloof Cup will be coming to NYC on June 5-6, 2010. The resulting street course will be donated to the city as a permanent skate park in Flushing Meadow Park. (Read More)

Vans will be releasing an Andy Kessler x Vans Syndicate collaboration which will include the Old Skool "S" and the SK8-Hi "S" models. Both were made with performance "Outlast materials" to maximize protection and ventilation. Constructed of leather and suede, these were meant to be skated. So pick up a pair two and pay homage to a NYC OG. (Read More)

Speaking of collaborations, for me there can never be enough Wu-Tang skateboard collabos.. again and again!

Homage skateshop is holding a contest which could get you access to their private indoor skatepark. With a blizzard threatening to touch down tomorrow, you might look into it.

 [ 02.09.2010 ]
There's a new video in the works coming out of Long Island by Chris Carbaugh featuring our homie Bobby Izzo called "Spring Ahead Fall Behind", if the promo is any indication, it should be worth watching. (Read More)

48 blocks dropped a new interview with Quim Cardona, in it he mentions working on a show with HBO, How To Make It In America. Also sighted in this show are Tyshawn Lyons (of QuarterSnacks fame) and Anthony Cochrane (of Metrospective/OfficialNewYork but now fully grown). Now I might actually have to get HBO just to watch this one episode! (Read More)

The Chrome Ball Incident posted a little walk down memory lane through Rodney Torres' skateboard career.

QuarterSnacks premiered Justin White's latest piece of video gold, Absurd Hawaii.

Nick Sassa and James Reres are both sick skaters, and an even deadlier combo. Their video "DOWNWOPP" (LI NY) is a finalist in the Berrics YOUnited Nations contest. Show your support by watching the video and giving them your vote on the Berrics.

 [ 02.08.2010 ]
People have been asking me to post more content for ages, but receiving the honor of multiple listings in QuarterSnacks' NYC top 100 of the decade list, and watching Sho Ma's tribute video all week has left me both nostalgic and motivated. But with no time and no camera, what can you do? Luckily when you run a skateboard company, although short lived, you stock a bit of unused footage. So I'll be posting old footage that never made it onto the website for some reason or another. Reasons vary from toe drags, tictacs and overall sketchy landings, to shitty camera work or not enough light, saving it for videos that never came out or going to videos that you may have never seen, and then there's the lost tapes or just plain forgotten footage, but you get the idea.

Some of the footage might be a decade old, some of it might be far from perfect, but when you're skateboarding, it doesn't matter. If this website were a DVD, you could consider this the bonus section, so enjoy.. I'll post more as I find it. (Read More)

 [ 01.20.2010 ]
This Saturday there will be a rally at the Brooklyn Banks, and FuelTV will be there to cover it.

Everyone knows the Autumn Bowl, you may remember Mt Weather, well now Homage skateshop has started a private indoor skate park and are accepting new keyholders. The NY Times also did a story on it.

Speaking of Homage and skateparks, if you can't afford a key to the indoor park, they have been lobbying for a free public skatepark in their section of Brooklyn for a while and now need your input for what you'd like to skate there. So now if it doesn't turn out good, it's your fault for not contributing!

In local company news, Naysayer Skateboards dropped a new promo clip, and so did Prize Fighter Cutlery. What I think is great about new local grass root companies is that they tend to bring out new underground rippers that you either overlooked or would have never seen otherwise.

 [ 01.11.2010 ]
Happy New Year to you all, I hope your holidays were both joyous and merry. From the sidelines 2009 may have seemed like a rather lack luster year in NYC skateboarding but it's a new year and I'm remaining hopeful for NYC in 2010. According to the Mayans we only got 2 years left anyway so one of my resolutions is to make more of an effort to be less delinquent in my web duties. Unfortunately I cannot be everywhere at once and I am not a mind reader so if you got news, events, or footage you want added to the website please post it to the forums or email me at news@officialnewyork.com.

It's been a month since my last update but people have been keeping it live and getting the year off to a good start:

  - Quartersnacks reviews the decade
  - Rob Campbell got a new promo footage clip
  - 5boro went south for the winter
  - Billy Rohan opened a skatepark in Florida
  - ESPN's NYC skate guide
  - The Brooklyn Banks are closing this week

 [ 12.12.2009 ]
I'm sure everyone's busy trying to shop for the holidays or just stay warm, but take a minute out tonight or tomorrow to check out the Andy Kessler Memorial Benefit Art Show.

 [ 10.31.2009 ]
Happy Halloween from Naysayer Skateboards.

 [ 10.29.2009 ]
Halloween is upon us, and nicely scheduled as not to conflict with your current Halloween plans the Halloween Hellraiser contest is this Sunday (November 1st). Billy Rohan sent me a new promo clip for the contest. So try not wreck your costume while you're out partying Saturday, and come out to party with us Sunday at the contest.

 [ 09.27.2009 ]
Since it's raining and you can't skate the Unisphere at Flushing Meadow Park one last time, head over to the Autumn Bowl for the Brent Atchley best trick contest for a chance at $1800 (21+ only). Even if contests aren't your thing, they got Asahi sponsoring the beverages so there's something for everyone.

 [ 09.24.2009 ]
I just received an email saying that the Unisphere at Flushing Meadow Park will be remodeled and made unskatable after September 27th. If it's true, get in your last skate sessions in now before it's gone.

In other parts of the interweb:
  - A new Luis Tolentino interview at 48blocks.com
  - Quiksilver: Roam NYC with Jake Johnson & friends

 [ 09.20.2009 ]
RIP DJ Roc Raida

A couple of people contacted me last night about Mike Wright getting stabbed in LES, it was the wrong Mike Wright, we're glad he's ok.

The Uptown Throwdown Showdown is today..

 [ 09.19.2009 ]
It's going to be a lovely event filled September weekend starting today with the DC King of series Chicago qualifier in NYC

 [ 09.18.2009 ]
I've been on a little hiatus from the internet to spend time with the new edition to my family, but I just had to crawl out of my cave to give a shout out to 48blocks.com for dropping this interview with Charles Lamb that features a little remix of recent and unused footage he's gotten. Good to see some homies getting their interweb grind on..

 [ 08.27.2009 ]
Only 3 more days to check out and skate the miniramp at 201 Mulberry, Quicksilver's popup shop.

Zoo York just released Chaz Ortiz's full part from "State of Mind" on MissionG.com, Zoo York will be releasing bonus footage from the film in the near future. Stay tuned.

Martin Wilson just posted a remix clip featuring some footy of NYC locals from various video projects he's contributed to.

The Daily News just printed an article on skateboarding in New York entitled "The Wheel New York".

Our homie Joseph Delgado is now repping Mighty Healthy. Speaking of which, Mightly Healthy just dropped a new website.

 [ 08.10.2009 ]
RIP Andy Kessler.

 [ 08.10.2009 ]
Homage just posted their footage from the Bastille Day event.


In other news:
- Zered & Eli remix from Zoo York State of Mind
- New Kevin Tierney clip
- Felix Arguelles interview @ 48 Blocks
- Old Rodney Torres @ 411vm Rhythm Industry

 [ 07.24.2009 ]
Today is the Es Game of Skate in Brooklyn. So hook up a new board, lace up your favorite kicks and get your skate on.

Tomorrow is also the Transworld Skateboarding "Right Foot Forward" video premiere at Homage skateshop in Brooklyn.

 [ 07.12.2009 ]
Today is the Bastille Day event by Homage in Brooklyn. Aside from all of the things to skate, and free product there are also other festivites going on at the street fair. The whole street is closed off for the event so check it out.

Last year was a lot of fun (footage), between all of the good skateboarding and Jeff Pang's colorful commentary how could you lose?

This has nothing to do with skateboarding but I got the craziest thing in the mail the other day.

 [ 07.04.2009 ]
Keenan Milton - RIP.
(August 4, 1974 - July 4, 2001)

 [ 06.25.2009 ]
This Saturday is the "Go Skateboarding Day" raindate, the weather looks good so far so make sure to roll through on 6.27.2009. Pass the info on! I actually wrecked my ankle last weekend and tore some ligaments but even if someone has to carry me across the bridge, I'm not missing this event.

If you haven't heard, there's a new board company out of Long Island. It's small but off to a good start, rising from the ashes of the short lived Forte Skateboards is Seagle Skateboards. While there isn't much info to be had about the company yet and their website has yet to launch (not to mention that it's missing the obligatory OfficialNewYork link), but I can say its being built on a foundation of good skateboarding as shown in their premiere web promo. If that's not good enough to start a skateboard brand, then I don't know what is.

Here's some local stuff to check out:
- Seagle 2009 promo
- Zoo York video premiere at KCDC Saturday
- Joseph and friends skating the new Forest Park setup
- New (old) King of Spring 2009 footage
- Slap's (old) article about POETS skateshop

 [ 06.19.2009 ]
This Sunday is "Go Skateboarding Day", but with the weather being what it is a the event has been postponed, the rain date has been set for 06.27.2009. Pass the info on!

If you're stuck inside due to the weather, here's some stuff to check out:
- Footage from Rooftop Rampage
- Footage from Clean up the Banks
- Skateboarder Mag footage from Back to the Banks
- Transworld Mag footage from Manny Mania

 [ 06.06.2009 ]
When you get tired of watching your favorite pros throwing tricks with 1000 of your best friends today at the Back to the Banks contest take a minute to head over to the LES Skatepark (aka chinatown skatepark aka coleman oval skatepark) to check out the new skatures that Team Pain installed thanks to open road, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Steve@5boro, and the NYCSA.

If you're too wasted to skate (or watch skating) from last night's 5boro 13th Anniversary Party, then why not go for a jog at the 3rd ANNUAL "Run For Harold" Bridge Run.

If you missed the Zoo York "State of Mind" Premiere, Eby wrote an excellent review of the evening's festivities.

 [ 06.01.2009 ]
Today there will be an open session for input for the design of the new skate park in Canarsie Park. Stop by and get involved, the more you do the less skate parks in NYC will suck.

While I'm still waiting on the NYPD filmer to get me the footage from the clean up the banks event, Reda wasted no time in getting his commentary on the King of Spring contest.

This week is going to be pretty busy with the new Zoo York Video premiering on Thursday (6/4), 5boro celebrating their 13th anniversary on Friday (6/5), the Back to the Banks contest on Saturday (6/6), and Redbull's Manny Mania (6/7) on Sunday.

Until then here's some stuff to check out:
- Eli Reed's Bangin' on the Berrics
- Danny Supa's Bangin' on the Berrics
- Steve Rodriguez's interview in Time Out New York

 [ 05.08.2009 ]
April was jammed packed with events, both the King of Spring and the Clean up the Banks events were nuts. Luckily this streak of rainy weather is hitting us while we get a short break in the event calendar, but keep checking the event listing regularly because there's new events that can pop up (at the VERY last minute if they don't get me the flyers and details *cough*) any day.

UXA and DC shoes have just announced a new collaboration, so if you're into sneakers, check it out.

Our homie Luis Tolentino is currently rolling in the Gumball 3000 along side Bentlys and Lamborghinis. While you're letting that picture sink into your brain, go watch him mack with celebrities and throw crazy stunts on his website.

In case you haven't noticed, Homage skateshop has finally updated their website.

As far as I remember there wasn't a box marked "skateboarder" in the last census to check, so the government doesn't really know how many of us there are out there. But Open Road would like to give them an idea by registering for the President's Challenge. Who knows maybe the government will realize the error of their ways and stop illegalizing skateboarding and use a fraction of that bail out money for something useful like a skate plaza. It's always nice to have a dream.

 [ 04.17.2009 ]
Congrats goes out to Billy Rohan for being NY1's New Yorker of the week. Despite being a transplant from Florida, that has not stopped Billy from working his ass off to help better the NYC skateboard community. So what's your excuse?

With the "Clean up the Banks" event getting rained out last week, that makes tomorrow's "King of Spring" event the first event of spring. So if you've been bummed on all the foul weather we've been having on the weekends come through tomorrow and have some fun. Peep the preview clip to get psyched on some of tomorrow's set up.

If a full day of skating and stickball doesn't tire you out, be sure to swing by the "Rich Mahogany" video premiere at the Autumn Bowl.

Now if that's not enough to get you psyched to skate, then check out Nolan Lee's throw back clip or this clip of Kyle Iles (also both from Florida).

What is up with all of these productive Floridians? Today is definitely Florida Friday in my books. Thanks to QuarterSnacks for the linkage.

 [ 03.24.2009 ]
Mother nature keeps teasing us with random days of warmth padded with 8 days of bitter cold, but despite that everyone's been busy filling up the 2009 event calendar so keep checking back because there's new info weekly.

In other news:
- Our homie, Peter Sarne got recognized for his number skillz by the Berrics
- Danny Falla got a mag minute
- Jimmy Marketti hooked us up with a 2007 tour video
- The Snacks remixed the mind field
- New skatepark coming to McCarren Park?

 [ 02.21.2009 ]
Today Billy Rohan got a new spine ramp set up at East River Park in The Lower East Side of Manhattan for a little skatejam/sesh, go check it out.

 [ 02.17.2009 ]
Legends never die - Harold Hunter RIP

 [ 01.28.2009 ]
After winning the much televised 2008 Dew Tour, Gatorade welcomes Chaz Ortiz to the team. I'm surprised Gatorade didn't try to get involved in skateboarding sooner, but better late than never, and a good start with this young ripper. In this downward spiral of an economy, it's nice to see something new being infused into skateboarding.

 [ 01.26.2009 ]
The Manhattan Bridge Skatepark in LES is being redesigned, and the people overseeing the project want to make it the right way so please fill out this survey and help change things for the better.

In other news:
- A new creative short by Steve Marino
- Billy Rohan, day in the life
- AWS Mind Field video premiere
- Peter's stats and sports commentary on the battle at the berrics

 [ 01.08.2009 ]
It's a new year, 2009, and unfortunately I'm still sick with the same 2008 flu. Aside from all of the usual fruit baskets and ecards, one of the more entertaining gifts I got was from Peter Sidlauskas in the form of Joseph Delgado's Flipmode 4 part in Trife. If you're looking for a copy of the video, they are available at Homage skate shop. I'm also strangely psyched on the Tech Deck Brooklyn Banks Replica I got over the holidays from 5boro, thanks guys! This is pretty old but someone neglected to tell me about this internet gem featuring Number 9 OGs Eric Rossetti, Kevin Candella, and Wes Pulsik.

 [ 12.22.2008 ]
Hope you all have been having a safe and happy holiday, the weather in New York has been far from skate-friendly, but in the spirit of the holidays take a minute and remember to think of others. I've been sick with the flu since last week, causing me to miss the video of the year, Trife (aka Flipmode 4).

In other news:
- Quarter Snacks just dropped the clip of the year
- Akira is making a come back
- Acapulco Gold Halloween Hellraiser contest footy
- New Zoo York South Afrika footage
- Footage of Dan Pensyl on the Thrasher website
- Steven Cales was spotted skating in Cali
- Substance promo is now online

 [ 11.22.2008 ]
While we normally don't post about store sales there has been some confusion over whether KCDC was having a 20% off sale for both men and womens clothes, and the answer is a definitive "YES". Goto KCDC, end of story.

In other news:
- Mambo bar has been skatestopped
- There's a new street plaza in Connecticut
- No New Yorkers in it but Pete Eldridge's part in the Mystery promo is sick

 [ 11.18.2008 ]
Charles Lamb, Billy Rohan, and Taji were out in Europe over the summer, they finally dropped a clip from that trip.

In other news:
- Steven Cales' skateboarder interview
- Sports, politics, and 90's NYC skateboarding
- New skate park in Gowanus, Brooklyn
- New skate park in Park Slope, Brooklyn
- Skateboarding as gym class on ABCNews
- J Strickland is pissed, but loves New York

 [ 11.02.2008 ]
Today is GardenSk8 Skatepark and Division East Skateshop's grand opening. So if you're in Jersey or can get a ride to it, I highly suggest going for the sick shop and park as well as the many festivities that shall occur.

Latest New York related stuff out on the interwebs:
- Zoo York's new video portal, ZooYork.TV
- Anthony Shetler interview/video
- Dave Willis check out on the Transworld website
- Jake Johnson interview with AlienWorkShop
- New 90's skate blog, Chromeball Incident
- DVS dropped some classic Huf
- Plan B Super Future promo
- New Quartsnacks updates
- 48Blocks Luis Tolentino interview

 [ 10.21.2008 ]
If you weren't already psyched enough on the upcoming Halloween Hellraiser contest, then check out this clip and get more psyched!

5boro just dropped a press release and a promo video welcoming Danny Falla to the pro ranks.

 [ 10.20.2008 ]
While some corduroy wearing skaters may disagree, two of my favorite Bobby Puleo parts of all time would have to be his Infamous video part and his part in the La Luz video. Jay Maldonado (who created La Luz, and is one of the people responsible for getting me into filming.. and who showed me how to do half flips back in the day) was kind enough to upload the full La Luz video and some other assorted projects he has worked on.

While I was waiting in line at the OG chicken and rice plate spot for dinner, I ran into the Quarter Snacks crew. This reminded me that they were so kind as to inform us that Astor Place (the cube/Alamo) will be renovated to accomodate a public (sitting) park and in turn no longer accomodate skateboarding. The spot that has the least to skate, is one of the spots that have hosted the most skaters (not to mention some of the best) in New York City's skateboard history.

NYC's landscape is changing faster and faster and the list of lost skate spots is growing longer and longer, like WTC or the small banks (at the brooklyn banks) and now possibly the unisphere at Flushing Meadow Park and even more recently I heard that the big banks will undergo a major renovation (TBD) but Steve Rodriquez has assured me that it will be mostly restored (and possibly enhanced). So if you're done getting nostalgic while reading Police Informer and watching La Luz, get out there and skate while you can because the next thing you know they're going to start skate stopping metal curbs.

 [ 10.03.2008 ]
While it's old news that Danny Falla was going pro for 5boro, it's new news that his board has finally been released and is now available at your local skate shop. It's also his birthday this weekend, so look out for the homie and scoop up one of his boards so he can buy himself another beer.

The Uptown Throwdown Showdown contest is tomorrow and is the first skateboard event of fall, while some of you have probably never skated north of Central Park hopefully this event will encourage you to explore what rest of what this city has to offer.

One of tomorrow's contest prizes is a trip to Woodward skatecamp, it's every teenage boys dream, non-stop skating at one of the best skate parks you'll ever get to skate and I'm told being able to hang out with the girls at the gymnastics camp doesn't hurt either (*as long as you're both the same age, and not violating any laws). If you've never been there, or have no idea what I'm talking about then check out this clip that the guys at Instant Winner / Acapulco Gold put together from their summer trip to Woodword this past summer.

 [ 09.28.2008 ]
The city is proposing to turn the water back on at the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow Park for good.. but as one of my friends pointed out, it is unlikely that it will be on 24/7/365 in our current financial crisis. I'm more worried about the fence idea people were throwing around. (discuss)

On a brighter note, thanks to people like Billy Rohan and Steve Rodriguez, planning has begun to repair the LES (Coleman Oval) skatepark, because I'm sure you all love the giant pot holes in the park. With that said, things only happen when you get involved.

In other news, my friends Louie (Louie) and Lamonte Macintosh were quoted in a recent NY Times article on skateboarders and their shoes. (discuss)

 [ 09.11.2008 ]
Never Forget...

TransWorld Skateboarding Business, January 2002 - New York - Area companies and shops rebound after September 11

 [ 09.06.2008 ]
While I normally only report on NYC related news, you don't have to be from New York to feel great sadness over the loss of another skateboarder. Rest in peace Van Wastell.

 [ 09.05.2008 ]
If you haven't seen it already, Epicly Later'd dropped their premiere episode for season 2 featuring Gino Iannucci. Before I finished typing that last sentence, they dropped the second episode (out of ten).

On a sadder note, Coney Island Astroland park will be closing for good this Sunday (9/7/2008), head over there while you can.

 [ 08.27.2008 ]
In case you missed the CCS DC demo at Coleman skatepark over the weekend, DC was kind enough to film and post a clip of the festivities.

Speaking of DC I just got a pair of the new Biltmore, it's a combo of two of my favorite shoes.. the Wenning and the Howard. These are my favorite shoes from DC out right now, at least until they re-issue the original Lynx (keep dreaming).

The Biltmore were supposed to be the Brian Wenning's second shoe but as many of you know, Wenning is no longer on DC, rumors spot him wearing several brands over the past few weeks but we can all assume that he won't be shoeless for very long.

The Quarter Snacks crew have been making regular skateboard media updates all summer and while I love skateboarding as much as the next person (probably more), the total sum of that does not compare to this recent piece of cinematic gold.

If sitting here staring at my broken video camera wasn't painful enough, Steve Marino @ Square Films really grinds the salt in the wound by showing off his new HD camera in his latest clip. Yes I'm jealous but what I'm really wondering is when he's going to rename his website "Rectangular Films".

 [ 08.18.2008 ]
It was another exciting, jam-packed summer weekend for skateboarding here in New York, in case you missed any of it, here's a few highlights which include video and/or photos:

- Back to the Banks
- Redbull Manny Mania

In other news, Charles Lamb spontaneously dropped off my crackberry buddy list without a trace, reports indicate that (via Taji's blog/QuarterSnacks) Charles, Taji, and Billy Rohan have popped up in Europe and are shredding the gnar (amongst other things).

Zoo York just dropped a teaser for their new video "Zoo York state of Mind".

 [ 08.09.2008 ]
I've been relatively busy lately trying to drop new product, but I finally found time to capture and roughly edit the summer event footage for your enjoyment:

  - Bastille Day - 2008
  - Go Skateboarding Day - 2008

Speaking of videos, the New Thirsty video definitely floored some people and I for one cannot wait to get the DVD when it comes out. Quarter Snacks hit us off with some newness. I don't have anything new to add to what's already been said about the major accomplishment (and utter disappointment by some) that is the new Traffic video, all I know is that I watch it every day and wish I had it on DVD.

 [ 07.19.2008 ]
The summer event calendar has been pretty full, and this weekend is no exception, so if you've got nothing else going on in your life tomorrow (Sunday) you should definitely check out the Throggs Neck Skate Park Skatejam 2008.. <<

 [ 06.20.2008 ]
Go Skateboarding Day is tomorrow but even if you're not coming to our event, you should make an effort to hop on your board and go push somewhere.

In addition to the all day skateboard event, there will be a 21 and over after party at "Supreme Trading" (no relation to Supreme(TM)) in Brooklyn with a special guest appearance by Slick Rick.

In other news, QuarterSnacks dropped a new clip followed by an even more awesome Kirsten Dunst post. StickupKidsNY also kept us in the loop with their status for the month.

 [ 06.10.2008 ]
From the same person that brought you the Long Island original "$20 off no tax", Steve Fletch is dropping a new straight-to-internet release for Forte skateboards, "Slowpokes". There are four, two person, parts. Each part will be released over the next 4 nights, starting tonight and ending Friday. Leaving the past behind, these new videos have an entirely different look, feel, and vibe than his last video.

 [ 06.08.2008 ]
It was 98 degrees on Sunday at the Brooklyn Banks, in the shade. It's not even officially summer yet but if Sunday is any indication then it's going to be one hot summer. If that's not enough, then the sweat and haze permeating my lens should tell you something.

 [ 06.07.2008 ]
Billy Lynch took a road trip to Baltimore for a week with his friends from Long Island to skate and were nice enough to drop off all of the footage. I'm testing out this high resolution clip, so the file size is a little bigger, if you want to watch it more than once, please save it to your computer.

 [ 06.04.2008 ]
If you had any questions about the upcoming Rooftop Rampage contest then this video of Billy Rohan and friends should have all the answers you need.

 [ 05.31.2008 ]
Bobshirt.com recently interviewed one of Brooklyn's favorite sons and recent father to a son of his own, Jeff Pang. Never being one to pad the truth with fluff, he says a lot of what's in the heart and mind of many a native New Yorker.

"People claiming New York City when they don't even live here; it's embarrassing. I'm not going to say any names but it is pretty pitiful."

I was flipping through some old mags and I decided to add some of the print press MetrOfficial has gotten over the years in some form or another to the "about" section.

 [ 05.29.2008 ]
Being allergic to milk AND lactose intolerant for me milk is ALWAYS a very bad choice, but in the case of new websites MilkWasABadChoice.net is a pretty good choice.

Steve Marino recently posted a commercial he shot for Thunder Trucks with Luis Tolentino over at SquareFilms.com (Hosted by Official New York).

 [ 05.28.2008 ]
The second annual "Harold Hunter day" 2(008) was a huge success, it gave everyone a chance to celebrate Harold's life through fun and skateboarding. If you weren't able to make it then check out and enjoy the footy I just uploaded and some photos from the day. If you didn't make it then you missed out on one of the best shirts ever made, it's basically a license to act crazy when you're wearing it, it's what Harold would have wanted.

In other news, I got some new product in the other day. I was busy all day unpacking boxes but I snapped a quick photo of them with the digicam so you could see what they really look like.

 [ 04.30.2008 ]
QuarterSnacks dropped a nice little clip that is topped off with Charles Lamb's European vacation.

StickupKids(ny) dropped a few new clips, some have some good skateboardering and some don't.

Puzzle Video redesigned their website and posted a whole mess of new video content.

The King of Spring contest kicked off spring right and was a lot of fun. In case you missed it, peep the footy from RB Umali and Steve Marino.

 [ 04.08.2008 ]
Warm weather is starting to break through and that means it's time for the NYC skate scene to shake the chill off and get out of hibernation. To kick off this season's event calander, 5boro is having a demo at NJ Skateshop, as with most 5boro events I predict there will be a lot of bro-ing down, sick skating, and yelling.

Our friends at 2nd Nature skateshop will be premiering their first shop video through out this month. Between Doug Brown, Brian Brown, Steve Marino, Mike Alexander, and the rest of the crew I might have to see it twice.

The media department at Zoo York (aka RB) has been pretty busy, not only did they drop a pretty funny skit but they also released some new footy from Eli Reed and a montage from their trip to SF. Fuggedaboutit.

I'm fashionably late in reporting this (mainly because he didn't tell me) but Jeremy Cohan has blessed us with an outtake clip from the fashionably late to be released Chapman video. In other news, my Jeremy Cohan news source, Quarter Snacks will be cutting a "best of" video to be released with the Watermelon 2 video (which will now be referred to as the QuarterMelon video).

 [ 03.19.2008 ]
It's about friggin time but Zoo York has finally added Boston/NYC transplant Eli Reed to their amateur team.

 [ 03.12.2008 ]
Good things really do come to those who skate, New York magazine named Homage skateshop in Brooklyn the Best of New York Shopping 2008: Best Hangout That's Also a Store. Congrats to all of the homies at Homage.

 [ 03.10.2008 ]
If you're in Philly or can make it there on Wednesday be sure to go to the Focus "Rise and Shine" video premiere. Rumor has it that there's a decent amount of NYC footage in the video.

Speaking of Focus skate mag, Rodney Torres is the guest editor for this month's issue.

 [ 03.08.2008 ]
I've been pretty busy lately but I just noticed that Zach Malfa-Kowalski won the Slap "Focused" contest. As the winner he'll be a Slap staff photographer for six months. If you thought it was hard enough to get in touch with him before, now it'll be impossible. Congrats Zach!

>> Some of the Contest Photos
>> Extra Winning Feature Photos by Zach

 [ 03.06.2008 ]
Find out how Billy Rohan made the 12th and A park skatable.

 [ 02.25.2008 ]
There's a preview of the new Shut Skates Mechanics Shop over at TWS including some photos from the opening party.

 [ 02.20.2008 ]
Rodney Torres got an interview over at 48Blocks.com where they talk about the good old days.

In other news, Luis Tolentino won the DC/Grind for Life high ollie contest at ASR, 40 inches for the win. (info: ConcreteDisciples.com)

 [ 02.13.2008 ]
One of my favorite people, Billy Rohan, now has his own blog. With gems like Taji bodyslamming Gary, you can't lose.

 [ 02.06.2008 ]
Washington Square Park has been a long standing part of NYC skate spot history, but now it's history. They say they are just moving the fountain 23 feet to center it with the arch. While I highly doubt the OG bumps or ledges will be back any time soon, one can always dream..

 [ 02.05.2008 ]
Rodney Torres dropped me a link to this recent interview he had where they spoke about Harold amongst other things.

There was a time when everyone skated at the Banks, chilled at Astor Place, had one of these stickers on their board, some of the Zoo York team were actually from New York, Menace Tech was the shit, and Axion footwear was hotter than Nike. If you remember those times then you should check out the blogs at PoliceInformer and BobShirt.

Speaking of Menace (RIP), the City Stars revival is finally a reality, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in seeing how this develops.

 [ 01.25.2008 ]
I was checking out 48 Blocks and I ran into a bunch of recent NYC related interviews with some of my favorite people including Billy Rohan, Huf, and Scot Schwartz.

When people talk about east coast skateboarding North Carolina isn't on the top of most lists, but Post22.com is back to help change that.

 [ 01.23.2008 ]
Our homie and Official alumni German Nieves has been getting into big things lately, amongst other things his latest project is a promo he produced for street wear brand 10 deep..

 [ 01.22.2008 ]
"Deathbowl to Downtown" is more than your average montage of New York skateboarding. Instead this documentary hopes to offer an entertaining, eye opening, thought provoking take on why the action on New York's dirty, grimy, and hectic streets represents skateboarding to millions of skaters and non-skaters worldwide.

Speaking of NYC skatebard montages, Steve Marino dropped a new clip on his website.

 [ 01.16.2008 ]
Zoo York has a collaboration coming up with GhostFace.

Check out a day in the life with Brian Wenning. Even Brian has to wear a helmet at the skatepark, safety first kids!

 [ 01.12.2008 ]
Happy New Year! While I was out of town a lot happened, including some fresh new video clips.

Quarter Snacks dropped a holiday clip.

Stickupkidsny is so close to finishing the Flipmode Four video, they decided to post a quick clip.

The NikeSB guys dropped a clip from when they were in NYC.

Charlie Wilkins has stepped down from the pro ranks over at 5boro.

The Rockstar Bearings video is finally done.

 [ 12.05.2007 ]
Jay Maldonado, the person who brought us "La Luz" and "RecShop", has moved back to NYC and started production on his new TV show "Underachievers". Here's a clip of a day in the life with Billy Rohan from the show.

Speaking of Billy Rohan, Billy has a new pro model out from the recently renovated Instant Winner.

 [ 12.04.2007 ]
It won't be available until May 2008, but check out the trailer for Ian Reid's NEW video "Have More Fun" at YouTube.

 [ 11.21.2007 ]
Epicly Later'd started as Patrick O'Dell's photography website, then it became a show on VBS.tv, now it's going to be on MTV2 on Saturday, November 24th at 9PM/8c. Once the cable guy figures out how to unbreak my cable, I'm DVR-ing it as soon as possible.

info: SkateDaily.net

In other random news, did anyone notice that the Vehicle website is broken?

 [ 11.12.2007 ]
Better late than never, the NY Times wrote an article on the development of skateboarding and its growing acceptance..

Jeff Pang's Mars Blackman reference made my day.

NYTimes: Skateboarding Rolls Out of the Suburbs

Oddly enough, on the same day an article from Chicago describes how "Skateboarding offers alternative for many struggling to resist the allure of gang life".

Chicago Tribune: Kick, push, kick, push, escape

 [ 09.30.2007 ]
The homies over at Quarter Snacks have been busy on their side of the internet, not only did they post a two part clip of Billy Rohan's greatest hits but they also dropped a new montage. Good work guys.

 [ 09.20.2007 ]
Tired of having hundreds of people wait on line in front of their store Supreme has now opened an online shop. So people can now camp out at home, not shower and wait on-line for new product to drop.

 [ 09.19.2007 ]
Brooklyn's getting 2 new skate parks, one in Williamsburg, and the other in Coney Island..

info: Curbed.com

 [ 09.18.2007 ]
According to Bryce over at SkateDaily, Bobby Puleo got the boot off Ipath after they got bought out by Timberland.

I'm sure he'll land himself in some new kicks soon.

info: SkateDaily

 [ 09.14.2007 ]
Someone emailed me this old article about some of the affects 9.11 had on skateboarding in NYC, I never got a copy of it when it came out but I'm glad I finally got to read it, thank god for the internet.

TransWorld Skateboarding Business, January 2002 - New York - area companies and shops rebound after September 11

 [ 09.13.2007 ]
There is some new stuff happening over at Coda Skateboards, not only did they picked up Lurker Lou, but they just dropped a new trailer..

 [ 09.12.2007 ]
I have been slacking on my namedropping responsibilities so I hope this makes up for it..

Head over to Quartersnacks and check out Charles and Pryce's big adventure in Japan.

Erik's hating life over at StickupKidsNY.

Check out the photography of Daniel Eric Weiss (aka not skateboarding) on his new website danielericweiss.com.

 [ 09.11.2007 ]

 [ 08.14.2007 ]
It was an event packed weekend, here's some footage for everyone that missed it.

Back to the Banks 2007:
>> TWS
>> 5boro
>> Emerica
>> Paul Overstrom

Redbull Manny Mania:
>> 411vm
>> Xavi

 [ 08.06.2007 ]
Here the footage from the skatejam/best trick contest that Homage skateshop hosted on Bastille Day.

 [ 08.03.2007 ]
I really don't like editing event footage, so I'll be uploading all of the raw uncut video from last month's events over the next week.

>> Here's the final round from the NYC Es game of skate event

 [ 08.03.2007 ]
It sucks that bad things happen to good people but I just got word that Division East skateshop in New Jersey was robbed.

A $1,000 Reward is offered for information leading to a felony conviction for theft, on Division East's property. If you have any information about this crime please call Division East at 973-509-0083. Division East will pay up to a $1,000.00 reward for information leading to an arrest or the recovery of stolen property in this case.

Contact: David Dowd ddowd59@hotmail.com

 [ 07.19.2007 ]
Epicly Later'd just released the first of four episodes featuring Steve Rodriguez.

 [ 07.18.2007 ]
I'm still editing the footage, but here's some photos from the Bastille Day 2007 event:

>> 1 2

 [ 07.17.2007 ]
Since my camera got hit that day, here's some footage from go skate day that kids have been posting around the interweb:

>> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

 [ 06.25.2007 ]
I just uploaded some photos that SteveR (5boro) and myself (Bryan) took at the Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2007 event. Go and re-live the magic..

 [ 06.20.2007 ]
The Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2007 event is one day away be sure to check the details before heading out.

 [ 06.20.2007 ]
If you couldn't get enough of "Ian Reid's Video", well now there's more! More craziness, more skating, and just more hood life in "Ian Reid's Video Remix". Now available for purchase online.

 [ 06.04.2007 ]
Justin White's at it again with a new popills.com website.

 [ 05.10.2007 ]
Check out the new 5boro spring promo at the Transworld website (YouTube / Quicktime). Full length video coming soon.

Steve Marino over at Square Films just posted a trailer for his documentary on skateboarding called The Skate Life.

 [ 04.30.2007 ]
In the small world of New York skateboard paparazzi, photographers are outnumbered by filmers 10 to 1 (maybe more), it's a thankless job filled with little reward. But despite my best efforts to discourage them, new talent like Zach Malfa-Kowalski keep turning up. Some day he'll learn, but until then enjoy his new website.

 [ 04.27.2007 ]
There's nothing like finally editing a holiday clip in April containing footage that was supposed to be due in November that you actually got in February. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

 [ 04.20.2007 ]
Get inside the mind of Billy Rohan on Epicly Later'd TV. Definitely the best episode so far.

Two homies in one issue, Luis Tolentino got a sequence and Danny Falla got a check out in the June issue of Skateboarder.

 [ 04.19.2007 ]
What kind of human being makes a video like "Sex, Hood, Skate, and Videotape"? Go check out the Ian Reid interview over at Inquiring Mind to find out. I have also been informed that there will be a remix of the video with Acapulco Gold as well as a collaborative shirt. According to Ian, the remix will include additional craziness and a lot more skateboarding.

 [ 03.19.2007 ]
Late last night I uploaded the
Sho Ma - RIP video, and passed out before posting a blurb about it.

It's a video that Jeremy Scott and a few of us worked on for Sho's Memorial event. Very little sleep was had by all (especially Jeremy) to consolidate and edit dozens of tapes and hours of footage to a 10 minute piece that highlights and celebrates our friend's life both in and out of skateboarding.


 [ 03.12.2007 ]
It's a cold cold world, but this hasn't stopped the Quater Snacks Mob or the Stick up kids from coming up..

But if all the rain and snow has been bothering you, then you might want to check out the Autumn Bowl or its bastard street sibling Mt Weather..

 [ 03.07.2007 ]
Check out "First Hand", featuring Zered and friends..

Brian Wenning in a DC promo for his new shoe..

Some new old stuff from Charles Lamb sometime between EST2 and Lurkers2.

Rodney Torres from 1996 to the Osiris years and Now.

 [ 02.22.2007 ]
Germ just let me know that our homie Luis Tolentino just got a clip at the girl/chocolate park on Crailtap.com. What's really good, is the tap looking to pick up a Dominican Sean Sheffey?

 [ 02.21.2007 ]
I've been missing in action, but here's a few things that you might have seen that are new to me, kinda..

The Harold Hunter book by Reda was originally just for friends and family, but we all know Harold wasn't exactly a shy guy so Reda decided to share some love with the rest of us poor slobs. Good looking out.

The flipmode kids are back, and theys alls growns up. Watch out for the Stick up Kids because you're about to get jacked..

I feel like today is the "where are they now" of little kid filmers.. because Stefano also just dropped a new clip from Florida.

Not to be outdone by their former arch-nemeses (arch-nemesii?) QuarterSnacks.com just pulled a jedi mind trick ninja move and used all of the little kid skatesite clips against them. hi-YAH!

There is going to be a New York Skate Movie and no one told me? WTF!

 [ 02.08.2007 ]
Patrick O'Dell over at "EpiclyLaterd.com" now has a web TV show (very) loosely based off the website.

 [ 02.07.2007 ]
Sho Ma, alot can be said about him, artist, skateboarder, friend.. all I can say is that he will be remembered and missed by all who knew him. RIP homie.

 [ 01.08.2007 ]
A lot of people have known this for a while or at least heard the rumors.. Bobby Puleo is now on Traffic skateboards. So I'm not sure if it can be considered new news but this is the first time Traffic has acknowledged it.

 [ 01.05.2007 ]
Happy 2007! I've been out of town for a minute, but it's a new year, and here's some new links to keep you busy between the rain and this freakish weather we are having..

Square Films dropped an xmas clip.

Quarter Snacks got a Christmas clip and a new montage featuring some of my favorite people from Sam of Lurkers fame.

 [ 12.13.2006 ]
Some old info, but I haven't gotten around to posting it..

Zoo York's "Welcome to Zoo York City" is available on You Tube. If you're a saavy technologist, and own an iPod, Zoo also made their promo available as a podcast.

On the otherside of the fence, 5boro's "A New York (skateboarding) Minute" promo is available on the Microsoft's Zune.

I ran into Luis on the train and he told me that Etnies collaborated with Shut and put out a white/black/gold rap-high for their anniversary. It'll probably be real limited and already sold out by the time you read this.

In other website news QuaterSnacks just dropped a 26 minute best-of clip.

 [ 11.21.2006 ]
Ian Reid premiered his video at Adrift skateshop in Toronto, while most of us couldn't make it, this guy Rajzilla came through with some crazy coverage of the event.. <<

 [ 11.10.2006 ]
Since everyone and their mother has a blog, it's about time that UXA got a blog. If Jeff Pang's Underworld Element Skypager video part doesn't make it worth the click then I don't know what does.. <<

 [ 11.08.2006 ]
The scaffolding at Supreme was torn down by some mighty winds.. <<

info: C to the JL

 [ 11.06.2006 ]
In case you didn't know, the Block is hot. If that wasn't enough, here's some more new footy.. <<

info: DobbinBlock.com

 [ 11.02.2006 ]
The $20 off no tax video is now available on Google.video.. <<

 [ 11.01.2006 ]
Crazy Dave is insAaaane!! (and they also sell skateboards).. <<

info: DQM

 [ 10.25.2006 ]
Adidas has just announced that they've added New Jersey native Tim O'Conner to their skate team.. <<

info: SkateDaily.net

 [ 10.25.2006 ]
Official homie Danny Falla switch varial heelflipped his way on to the cover of the new Focus Skate Mag.. <<

 [ 10.24.2006 ]
I'm not sure if you remember the Verte vs Verde confusion. Well Volcom has decided to play nice and change the name of their eco-friendly line to something less controversial (maybe this time around they'll name it Organika *oops*). Hooray for NY based Verte, chances are they've already begun the celebration. Be sure to hi-5 Tino Razo for me.. <<

info: Most-Skated.com

 [ 10.23.2006 ]
5boro dropped a new line, my personal favorite would have to be the new cruiser that seems to be so hot right now..

 [ 10.23.2006 ]
You can now buy Official Skateboards online..

 [ 10.23.2006 ]
I remember this little ripper who used to break night skating with the rest of us older guys, and would stay at Rodney's crib so he could skate the city the next day. A decade later Shut did the right thing and turned Javier Nunez pro..

 [ 10.23.2006 ]
Powered by Chipotle and Jamba Juice, Mr. Pang and UXA just dropped their new holiday line for 06/07..

 [ 10.23.2006 ]
Old man Pat Smith finally made a new website, with some new product as well. Check out Coda Skateboards (.com)..

 [ 10.19.2006 ]
If you're tired of wondering where you can get "Ian Reid's Video" online, the wait is over..

 [ 10.12.2006 ]
Brian Wenning and Ian Reid provide some insight into the making of "Ian Reid's Video" in an exclusive video interview over at the Transworld website.

 [ 09.27.2006 ]
Peep the new old footy that Chris Hall posted over at getfam.com. Unseen footage of Harold Hunter, Scot Schwartz, Mike Wright, German Nieves, and Rob Campbell. Also some REALLY old footage of the Gonz boardsliding the OG Banks rail.

 [ 09.25.2006 ]
Peep the new clip over at Squarefilms.com..

 [ 09.25.2006 ]
Be at the Brooklyn Banks for the final day of the DC "King of New York" contest, open to all skateboarders.. <<

 [ 08.31.2006 ]
Verte vs Verde? I'm confused.. that's not so epicly laterd. <<

 [ 08.30.2006 ]
IceLounge.com is an online community for skateboarders started by legendary skateboarder Salman Agah. They just dropped product reviews for some of your favorite New York brands including Official.. <<

 [ 08.22.2006 ]
Check out the Skate Park of Tampa's coverage of the Back to the Banks event.. <<

 [ 08.20.2006 ]
I just posted some raw footage from the Back to the Banks contest on the forums.. <<

 [ 07.30.2006 ]
New Manhattan Bridge / LES skatepark.. <<

 [ 07.17.2006 ]
Rodney Torres and Official Skateboards part ways.. <<

 [ 07.13.2006 ]
411VM's coverage of the NYC Go Skateboarding Day 2006 skatejam.. <<

 [ 07.06.2006 ]
If you haven't seen it already, check out Ian Reid's Video (trailer). It will probably be the closest thing most of you will get to a reality based New York skateboard video shot in the hood.. <<

 [ 06.30.2006 ]
In case you missed it on the forums, here's a few random photos from the Go Skate Day 2006 skatejam.. <<

 [ 06.30.2006 ]
Zoo York announces "new" team changes. <<

 [ 06.28.2006 ]
Six months late, but Quarter Snacks is finally live <<

 [ 06.17.2006 ]
June 21st: Go Skateboarding Day.. in NYC <<

 [ 05.02.2006 ]
Huge warehouse fire in Brooklyn, the Autumn Bowl in danger? (Autumn Bowl is unharmed) <<

 [ 05.01.2006 ]
It took a lot of work, but we finished the first Official Skateboards promo, enjoy.. <<

 [ 04.24.2006 ]
Take a minute out to remember a man who is responsible for about half the skateboard industry as we know it: RIP Fausto

 [ 03.31.2006 ]
One of those "other" websites just dropped a teaser for their first full length video, I don't know what mode they have their camera flipped to but it looks like it could be good.

 [ 03.07.2006 ]
So I was flipping through an old Thrasher mag, and I ran into this old Pat Smith "Angry, Young, and Poor" ad. Since those days Pat's a lot older now, owns a car, but he's still pissed.

He continues to shred the streets with this friends on Coda Skateboards. I really like that some of their boards have non-standard modern shapes, check 'em out.

 [ 03.06.2006 ]
In case you didn't know..
  a) Billy's NUTS!
  b) He bangs in his white tee
  c) Billy Rohan has a new bolt
    company called "Billy's Nuts",
    if you aren't riding them
    already, get on it.

 [ 02.19.2006 ]
The viewing/wake will be held at:

Guidetti Funeral Home
33 Spring Street, between Mott street and Mulberry Street

Services will be held on Wednesday
(February 22nd) through Friday (February 24th) from 2pm to 6pm.

All are encouraged to come and pay their respects.

For more information, goto HaroldHunter.com

 [ 02.18.2006 ]
The Harold Hunter Fund has been established to off set the funeral and final arrangement expenses. The family has received some soulful donations, but are in need of additional funds to cover these costs. All possible donations may be made through:

paypal.com to haroldhunter@rockstarbearings.com

in the interim as the infrastructure for the HH Fund is set in place. His family thanks you in advance for your generosity and know that Harold is loved and survived by many.

 [ 02.17.2006 ]
Harold Hunter RIP.. <<

 [ 02.14.2006 ]
I maybe a day late and a dollar short but I just noticed that our homies at haveboard.com got a facelift.. <<

 [ 01.23.2006 ]
A big ad for a big thirst.. <<

 [ 01.21.2006 ]
Today's the last day for entries into the January product toss.. <<

 [ 01.06.2006 ]
The Brick and Mortar 3 DVD is now available at Rival, Autumn, and KCDC.. <<

 [ 12.23.2005 ]
The strike is finally over.. <<

 [ 12.20.2005 ]
In case you were planning on taking the train into the city to skate today, The Transit Union is on Strike, Shutting New York City Subways and Buses.. <<

 [ 11.03.2005 ]
If you've been skating long enough you sometimes get nostalgic and wonder what happened to some of the skaters from "back in the day". Sometimes you hear vicious rumors about them going to jail, becoming a drug addict, or an accountant, or sometimes their friends spam your forums with their new website. Fortunately, Matt Bell only suffered the latter fate with flower pot head (dot) com. <<

 [ 11.03.2005 ]
Eby got one of his photos and rasta hats on the Tap. <<

 [ 10.20.2005 ]
Speaking of the YeS video Es launched their new website. <<

 [ 10.17.2005 ]
Thanks to the Tap for the link. Here's some extra exclusive footy of the Tap's homies while they were here in NYC filming for the YeS video <<

 [ 10.14.2005 ]
In case you didn't know 5050 has retired, the other half of 5050 decided to start a new site: quartersnacks.com.. <<

 [ 10.05.2005 ]
I didn't want to blow anyone's spot up til now, but now that Transworld let the cat out of the bag.. <<

 [ 09.21.2005 ]
If you haven't seen them, check out the new boards from Official.. <<

 [ 09.21.2005 ]
OG Zoo refugee Anthony Correa got a new board on Traffic.. <<

 [ 09.20.2005 ]
Square Films got some new video clips to rake through.. <<

 [ 09.19.2005 ]
If you're a fan of Focus skatemag, you'll love their new website (it is also free).. <<

 [ 08.15.2005 ]
Congrats: Jay Maldonado, new Es' team manager.. <<

 [ 07.10.2005 ]
Tune in for a non-skate photographer's epicly later'd coverage of the ES' game of skate.. <<

 [ 06.28.2005 ]
Banks Update: opening in late july?.. <<

 [ 06.27.2005 ]
Although he's repping SF now, Huf's still from NY and we're still psyched has an interview over at Slap.. <<

 [ 06.20.2005 ]
Minority Report: a new video from Clyde Singleton, dropping fall 2005 (Trailer).. <<

 [ 06.02.2005 ]
An Official interview with the IndieWorkShop.com.. <<

 [ 06.01.2005 ]
Friday, June 17th 9pm: DVS "Skate More" video premiere in Long Island (ALL AGES).. <<

 [ 05.27.2005 ]
Sunday, May 29th 6pm: DVS "Skate More" video premiere at KCDC (ALL AGES).. <<

 [ 05.25.2005 ]
Thursday, May 26th: Style Sessions Art Exhibit.. <<

 [ 05.16.2005 ]
Thursday, May 26th: DVS "Skate More" video premiere (21+).. <<

 [ 05.10.2005 ]
Saturday, May 14th: Birdhouse demo at NJ skateshop.. <<

 [ 05.06.2005 ]
Saturday, May 7th: Lords of Dogtown contest at Hudson River Park.. <<

 [ 04.20.2005 ]
Lurkers 2: now available at Autumn skateshop, and via mailorder.. <<

 [ 04.20.2005 ]
Tompkin TF: Update (new time restrictions, and reminder to bring the shit back).. <<

 [ 04.19.2005 ]
Skateboarders Needed: NYC TV pilot casting.. <<

 [ 04.07.2005 ]
Brooklyn Banks: Update, mo better.. <<

 [ 04.07.2005 ]
Etnies 2005 fall product launch party, 21 and over ONLY.. <<

 [ 03.14.2005 ]
Billy Rohan took 5th place at Tampa Pro, congrats gnardog.. <<

 [ 03.13.2005 ]
There's some hot east coast action in the new Skateboarder Magazine (Jerry Hsu bs smith cover).. <<

 [ 03.09.2005 ]
Congrats to Jeff Pang, former Element/Cream/Zoo York pro. He's now the new DC shoes east coast team manager, with his experience in the industry you know he's going to make things happen for the right coast.. <<

 [ 03.08.2005 ]
March 8th: Lurkers 2 Video Premiere (all ages).. <<

 [ 03.02.2005 ]
If you've been craving some east coast coverage, the Skateboard Mag delivers in number 13, the east coast issue.. <<

 [ 03.01.2005 ]
Congrats to Alex Corporan, former Supreme nice guy. He's now the new Etnies east coast public relations dude, we can expect big things from him that actually relate to "us".. <<

 [ 02.15.2005 ]
NYC's own Jeremy Cohan editted the crap out of the Es' PJ Ladd video editing contest.. <<

 [ 02.15.2005 ]
NY Revisited Video Premiere.. <<

 [ 02.08.2005 ]
For those of you who miss them or for those who never saw them, the 1998 - 2003 Metrospective.com archives have been restored.. <<

 [ 01.26.2005 ]
Danny Falla Slap interview.. <<

 [ 01.24.2005 ]
January 29th in Albany, NY at The Shelter skatepark, show your support and help raise awareness for the Tsunami Victim Relief effort (footage is up on officialskateboards.com).. <<

 [ 01.13.05 ]
Official Skateboards launched their website. The team features Rodney Torres, German Nieves, Dan Howe, and Luis Tolentino. (01.14.05: fixed the website for Windows users) <<

 [ 01.12.05 ]
The Brooklyn indoor TF has opened... <<

 [ 01.12.05 ]
Check out the new 5boro website.. <<

 [ 12.23.04 ]
The Brooklyn Banks update.. (thanks to Steve Rodriguez, Bobby Puleo, and Patrick Smith for all they've done) <<

 [ 12.12.04 ]
Saturday Dec 18 8pm: Instant Winner video premiere of "Nickels and Dimes" at KCDC.. <<

 [ 12.05.04 ]
Spot news: First the small banks, then verizon banks, new york's finest spots are now history.. <<

 [ 12.04.04 ]
If you're over 21, there's Brick and Mortar Premiere at the Autumn Bowl tonight (Saturday) 10:30pm.. <<

 [ 10.29.04 ]
Tonight: Official Drop-in Halloween Jam (get a discount on the entry fee if you tell them you're from Official).. <<

 [ 09.30.04 ]
Official shop updated with new logo board colorways and new Rodney Torres pro model.. <<

 [ 09.22.04 ]
Official stickers are now available.. <<

 [ 09.21.04 ]
5boro Skateboards announces veteran East coast destroyer and longtime team member, Dan Pensyl, as its newest pro rider.. <<

 [ 09.07.04 ]
For all you camera nerds, Sony just released their hi-def (hdv 1080i) HDR-FX1, it's expected to drop for $3700 by the end of the year so start saving now.. and for all you brats out there you better get all A+'s on your report card so you can beg mommy and daddy for an extra big holiday gift this year.. <<

 [ 08.25.04 ]
Drop-in All Night Jam (get a discount on the entry fee if you tell them you're from Official).. <<

 [ 08.25.04 ]
Eric Koston's eS GAME OF S.K.A.T.E date and location have been announced.. <<

 [ 08.01.04 ]
Help keep the cycle alive, if you have downloaded the .zip file please put it into your kazaa/limewire shared folders *NOW* and allow people to download it from you.. <<

 [ 07.29.04 ]
July 31st: 5boro skateboards presents Clean up the Banks 2004.. <<

 [ 07.29.04 ]
While You Were Sleeping, Harold is nestled between genius, and insanity.. <<

 [ 07.14.04 ]
"..and we hope to bring our vision of a lifestyle brand that truly reflects who we are and what we are about.".. <<

 [ 07.13.04 ]
Whether you're looking for photos from the emerica skatejam, es game of skate, or jason dill rocking out in some star spangled bike shorts mr. o'dell is on the forefront of what is epiclylater'd.. <<

 [ 07.08.04 ]
Get your skate on because the eS game of SKATE is this Saturday at 3pm.. <<

 [ 07.07.04 ]
The AlphaBetCity video (DVD only) is now available in the Official New York shop, and at Autumn for you NYC locals.. <<

 [ 07.07.04 ]
More limited than a pair of custom OfficialNewYork dunks on ebay, 5boro collaborates with the Beastie Boys.. <<
 [ 07.05.04 ]
Take a minute out while you're skating this week to remember Keenan <<
 [ 06.19.04 ]
Tonight: Static 2 premiere at KCDC.. <<
 [ 06.16.04 ]
The Instant Winner website launched, the site is hot, hot like gold foil. peep the footy.. <<
 [ 06.07.04 ]
June 11th: Vicious Cycle video premiere (All ages).. <<
 [ 06.04.04 ]
June 10th: Vicious Cycle video premiere (21 and up).. <<
 [ 06.01.04 ]
Brick and Mortar Premiere at the Autumn Bowl this Saturday.. <<
 [ 05.24.04 ]
The rumor mill has already started churning, Billy Rohan and Joey Seguna could be Instant Winners.. <<
 [ 05.21.04 ]
Billy Rohan throws craze While You Were Sleeping.. <<
 [ 05.18.04 ]
Supreme is on FIRE!.. <<
 [ 05.14.04 ]
Riverside skatepark skatejam.. <<
 [ 05.13.04 ]
Nike is looking to hear from the nycity youth.. <<
 [ 05.13.04 ]
New skateshop opening, the Rivalry begins this Saturday.. <<
 [ 05.11.04 ]
The Dell's EpiclyLaterd.com is so Epicly Later'd that it could just be pure genius.. <<
 [ 05.05.04 ]
The 5boro "Word of Mouth" video is now out in stores.. <<
 [ 05.03.04 ]
Autumn moved.. <<
 [ 04.20.04 ]
Es' game of skate: NYC.. <<
 [ 04.01.04 ]
Autumn bowl contest.. <<
 [ 03.15.04 ]
Official downtime.. <<
 [ 03.10.04 ]
Patrick O'Dell and his photography are being featured on FecalFace (.com).. <<
 [ 03.10.04 ]
NY Underground Film Fest: underSkatement screenings on 3.13 and 3.15.. <<
 [ 03.05.04 ]
You may come here for your new york times, but if you care what's going on in the rest of the world check out skatedaily.net.. <<
 [ 03.01.04 ]
Autumn, helping keep the TF alive.. <<
 [ 03.01.04 ]
ABC video Premiere (Round 2).. <<
 [ 02.29.04 ]
Slap mag features a new interview with Gino plus footy.. <<
 [ 02.25.04 ]
Brick and Mortar footage deadline extended to 02.29.04 <<
 [ 02.17.04 ]
ABC video premiere.. <<
 [ 02.16.04 ]
Brick and Mortar launches their website.. <<
 [ 02.13.04 ]
EST Version 4.0 Trailer.. <<
 [ 02.12.04 ]
EST Version 4.0 Video Premiere.. <<
 [ 02.06.04 ]
Brick and Mortar launch party at KCDC.. <<
 [ 01.22.04 ]
RIP Big Brother.. <<
 [ 01.15.04 ]
ABC skateshop - closed (again), but the TF will live on.. <<
 [ 01.13.04 ]
It's time to Rec Shop.. <<
 [ 01.06.04 ]
Saturday: 5boro "Word of Mouth" premiere (Round 2).. <<
 [ 01.01.04 ]
New account problems fixed.. <<
 [ 12.31.03 ]
The Official New York store is now open! <<
 [ 12.28.03 ]
The skateboard mag.. <<
 [ 12.10.03 ]
All City Skatejam 2003 - featured in TWS <<
 [ 12.09.03 ]
Premiere: 5BORO "Word of Mouth" video <<
 [ 11.21.03 ]
Event: Foaming at the Mouth <<
 [ 09.26.03 ]
Pepe Martinez.. RIP (new info) <<
 [ 09.25.03 ]
Three of these pro.. <<
 [ 09.24.03 ]
Love park article.. <<
 [ 09.24.03 ]
Tylenol + Autumn = Fun.. <<
 [ 09.16.03 ]
All City Skate Jam footage info.. <<
 [ 09.15.03 ]
411vm: Danny Supa pro setup.. and 411vm.com gets a facelift.. <<
 [ 08.24.03 ]
ALL CITY SKATE JAM: (important info, and changes).. <<
 [ 08.20.03 ]
5boro welcomes.. <<
 [ 08.19.03 ]
Hipsters gone wild.. <<
 [ 08.15.03 ]
 [ 08.14.03 ]
Blackout 2003.. <<
 [ 08.09.03 ]
RIP, Chris Dewolf.. <<
 [ 08.02.03 ]
Flushing Meadow Park dewaxed.. <<
 [ 08.01.03 ]
Show some love for Autumn and check out their nifty website.. <<
 [ 07.31.03 ]
Metrospective.com forums featured in the September issue of Strength.. <<
 [ 07.28.03 ]
Tuesday, July 29th: Stoked on Stoked? <<
 [ 07.26.03 ]
Sunday, August 24th: All City Jam 2003 (*info soon).. <<
 [ 07.17.03 ]
The Stimulus video, coming soon.. <<
 [ 07.02.03 ]
Saturday, July 12th: Free the banks.. <<
 [ 06.27.03 ]
Saturday, June 28th: 5boro Barbecue/Demo 5pm, KCDC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. <<
 [ 06.27.03 ]
Friday, June 27th: DC Video premiere @ Roseland <<
 [ 06.13.03 ]
Ban the Black Hubbas? <<
 [ 06.13.03 ]
New York industry news.. <<
 [ 06.03.03 ]
Life's been hectic, so here's a blast from the past (2000 - 2001) to tide you over til I get time to post the new shit.. <<
 [ 05.26.03 ]
Thursday, May 29th: Zoo York Tour video premiere (info update) <<
 [ 05.22.03 ]
Sunday, June 1st: ONvideo Summer 03 premiere @ KCDC <<
 [ 05.22.03 ]
Vote: Free Love? <<
 [ 05.19.03 ]
Saturday, May 24th: Firm demo at the ABC TF.. <<
 [ 05.19.03 ]
Friday, May 23rd: Firm demo at Drop-in skatepark.. <<
 [ 05.16.03 ]
Cleaning house for 2003, new clips will be posted eventually.. <<
 [ 05.16.03 ]
Zoo York demo at Drop-in skatepark..<<
 [ 05.13.03 ]
Metrospective.com gets the hotsite spotlight from Eckounltd.com <<
 [ 05.10.03 ]
Whatevs: Yeah Right.. <<
 [ 05.07.03 ]
Dumbest thing I've heard this week: little kid vs. ABC.. <<
 [ 04.20.03 ]
Video Premiere: Yeah Right!<<
 [ 04.20.03 ]
The RT report..<<
 [ 04.20.03 ]
The Krooked commercial.. <<
 [ 04.20.03 ]
Defex is throwing a summer kickoff at Rexplex that they wanted you to goto <<
 [ 03.31.03 ]
Angela Boatwright, "Killer of Giants" <<
 [ 03.31.03 ]
Selectskate.com, it's Austrailian for skateboarding mate! <<
 [ 03.24.03 ]
Protesting the war on Iraq? Zoo York just nuked Correa! <<
 [ 03.16.03 ]
May 3rd, "Heros & Villains" art show at Dactyl in soho. <<
 [ 03.15.03 ]
Dan Wolfe's got his own website, anyone else psyched to see "closure"? <<
 [ 03.15.03 ]
If you're in SF, Huf has opened his own store. * Here's a tour/review of the joint * <<
 [ 03.13.03 ]
5boro picks up Seamus Deegan as their new team manager.. <<
 [ 03.12.03 ]
Lakai launches their new site, and new 2003 line.. <<
 [ 03.06.03 ]
Zoo York: City of Killers @ NYUFF <<
 [ 02.03.03 ]
Emerica: This is Skateboarding Video Premiere <<
 [ 01.15.03 ]
ABC shutdown? <<
 [ 01.02.03 ]
New 247sk8mag.com redesign, plus a new Andy Howell interview, peep it! <<
 [ 12.31.02 ]
Happy New Year.. <<
 [ 12.21.02 ]
Allen Ying gallery show <<
 [ 12.15.02 ]
Who video premiere at ABC <<
 [ 12.04.02 ]
Happy Birthday Taji! <<
 [ 12.02.02 ]
Drop In skatepark - "Best Trick Contest" info.. <<
 [ 10.03.02 ]
EST 3 video premiere info.. <<
 [ 09.26.02 ]
New video coming out of WSC / MSC, one world.. <<
 [ 09.17.02 ]
Drop In Skatepark opens today.. <<
 [ 09.11.02 ]
Remember.. <<
 [ 07.26.02 ]
DEFEX clothing launches new website.. <<
 [ 07.16.02 ]
Metrospective.com editorial: Street Views with Chaddeo.. <<
 [ 07.04.02 ]
What if it were 1992.. <<
 [ 06.27.02 ]
Metrospective.com editorial: Street Views with.. <<
 [ 06.25.02 ]
Interact, the forums are back (sorta) .. <<
 [ 06.21.02 ]
For those who missed the other two screenings, k c d c is hosting a viewing of the flip video .. <<
 [ 06.14.02 ]
The new 5boro skateboards site launches.. <<
 [ 05.24.02 ]
Gold Wheels video premiere at Supreme at 6pm. <<
 [ 05.01.02 ]
KeenanMilton.com : It features past board graphics, photos, and the memorial video that was played after the funeral.. check it out and gain some knowledge. RIP <<
 [ 04.29.02 ]
Enjoi Demo footage over at City Dispenser.. <<
 [ 04.28.02 ]
Zoo York Mixtape 2 is in stores now..
 [ 04.17.02 ]
City Dispenser adds a truck load new footage from Wisconsin.. <<
 [ 04.15.02 ]
Adrian from ABC broke his ankle skating, get well soon.. <<
 [ 04.08.02 ]
Make a difference, save the future of public parks like FDR and Owl's Head.. <<
 [ 04.05.02 ]
City Dispenser adds some new footage from Chicago.. <<
 [ 02.27.02 ]
Home is where the heart is. City Dispenser launches.. <<
 [ 02.24.02 ]
New Vehicle Skateboards website launches.. <<
 [ 02.24.02 ]
New Nike skateboard team sneakers sneak preview.. <<
 [ 02.21.02 ]
Zoo York Mixtape 2 Trailer and Premiere time changes.. <<
 [ 02.06.02 ]
Zoo York Mixtape 2 Trailer and Premiere info released.. <<
 [ 02.03.02 ]
It's official, Rodney Torres PRO models out by Arcade Skateboards <<
 [ 02.03.02 ]
Check out the "Stolen Souls" promo.. <<
 [ 02.01.02 ]
A Metrospective Minute Featuring.. <<
 [ 01.31.02 ]
ABC and Metrospective.com bring you the "Skateboards for Skateboarders" contest, win one of three decks. enter NOW!! <<
 [ 01.20.02 ]
La Luz video premiere, BE THERE! <<
 [ 01.23.02 ]
Enough is Enough, stop violence. <<
 [ 01.20.02 ]
What is a City Dispenser?? <<
 [ 12.25.01 ]
Happy Holidays!!! <<
 [ 12.23.01 ]
"Remedy" video premiere rescheduled, it will be at VOID on Jan 5th <<
 [ 11.28.01 ]
Quim Cardona is kicked off of Zoo York.. <<
 [ 11.28.01 ]
Dec 15, 7pm: "Remedy" video premiere at FUN. <<
 [ 11.18.01 ]
New Rampage skatepark in Long Island. <<
 [ 11.12.01 ]
An American Airlines 767 has crashed in Rockaway, Queens. <<
 [ 10.28.01 ]
Metrospective.com promo as seen in EST v 2.0 (big download).. <<
 [ 10.27.01 ]
EST v 2.0 in stores NOW.. <<
 [ 10.27.01 ]
Happy Birthday to Rodney Torres.. <<
 [ 10.23.01 ]
On Nov 3rd, there will be a World Trade Center Relief benefit at Owls Head Skatepark. Help the World Trade Center effort.. <<
 [ 10.22.01 ]
Jim Geduldick from Jersey was in a bad car accident on Oct. 14th hope he gets better soon.
 [ 10.11.01 ]
Mixtape 2 commercial and trailer now available.. <<
 [ 10.07.01 ]
There are now two flatbars at Union Square (again).. one sponsored by ABC, and the other by Autumn skateshop, check them out and have fun. <<
 [ 10.07.01 ]
EST v002 is shipping 10.15.01. <<
 [ 09.25.01 ]
Uploaded another new clip, and fixed the Will Nagel clip for those who were having problems viewing it.
 [ 09.15.01 ]
Thanks to Chris at PlaceNameHere.com for contributing the photo of the world trade center
 [ 09.12.01 ]
I'm ok, my phone's been knocked out for the past few days, which is why people haven't been able to get in touch with me.. Read my post towards the bottom for the full details. <<
 [ 09.11.01 ]
 [ 08.28.01 ]
If you use a PC and have upgraded to Internet Explorer 5.5 SP 2 or 6.0 click this link to automatically download a fix to viewing quicktime video clips. The download and install is complete when you see the 360 flip.
 [ 08.22.01 ]
Get your helmets out, Brooklyn's got a skatepark and it's official!
 [ 08.01.01 ]
Danny Falla is now on Zoo York
 [ 08.01.01 ]
Rodney Torres is Pro for Arcade
 [ 07.26.01 ]
Beast of the East and some random flushing footage uploaded.. Enjoy.
 [ 07.09.01 ]
Metrospective.com version 4.0 has launched, more is still to come. New video clips going up tonight, forum redesign by next weekend, articles/words/views/reviews up soon. Spread the word.
 [ 07.04.01 ]
Keenan Milton has passed away, New York mourns the loss of one of its own.
 [ 06.28.01 ]
EST version 002 premiere at Supreme TOMORROW (6.29.01 NOT 7.29.01) 7pm.
 [ 06.18.01 ]
Metrospective.com featured in the August issue of Transworld Stance Magazine
 [ 06.05.01 ]
Beast of the East contest this Saturday (06.09.01) at riverside park.
 [ 05.15.01 ]
ABC skateshop launched their new website.
 [ 4.1.1 ]
April Fools Day! Gotcha!